Considerably popular as cultural and historical tour, Kathmandu Heritage tour takes you to those historical and cultural sites within the valley which are enlisted in UNESCO world heritage site. Students, researchers, innovator, historian and archaeologists any type of tourist will find this tour undoubtedly a rewarding for once-in-lifetime. Those keen enthusiasts on Art, culture, history, lifestyle, civilization and archaeology will have a great opportunity for the innovation of novel perspectives on human civilization.

Out of ten world heritages sites of Kathmandu valley which are enlisted in UNESCO world heritage sites, eight of them are recognized as cultural importance and two carry historical significance. Both sorts are astoundingly magnificent.

The valley, Kathmandu includes three ancient cities, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur and Kathmandu is known as the city of temple and known as a remarkable cultural hub for decades. Age old temples, monasteries, stupas, monuments, arts, culture and civilization including historical settlements are notable infatuations of this valley. Most of the heritage sites represent the history and civilization during ancient Lichhavi and Malla dynasty period and Medival period in the history of Nepal.