Is Nepal safe for travelers?

Is Nepal safe for travellers?

March 5, 2018
Is Nepal safe for travellers
Manaslu region

Do you like to know Is Nepal safe for travellers?

This is the most recurring question before having a decision to making a trip to Nepal. Is Nepal safe for travellers Misinterpretation might have been extended by poor Medias and other-non officials across the world. But, simply put, yes, Nepal is safe for travellers. Not only for travellers, Nepal is safe for every kind of visitors and residents.

So many questions regarding safety arose during the post earthquake period. In fact Nepal was hit hard by devastating earthquake of 7.5 magnitudes in April, 2015. Since when the situation got deteriorated . Among various trekking regions of Nepal, Langtang region was adversely affected. The hotels, lodges and restaurant and civilians settlements were destroyed by earthquake and this region remained officially closed for the trekkers. However, government of Nepal took a big step to reconstruct and renovate the areas and soon it again was opened for the trekkers. Now, it is okay. Other regions of trekking were not much affected. At the moment, every trekking region in Nepal is safe to travel.

Is Nepal safe for travellers
Everest region

Another thing to talk about safety while traveling in Nepal is Maoist insurgency. Few years back, there was a terrible insurgency by Maoist against the government of Nepal. During that period, more than 18000 Maoist cadres were killed and a large number of Nepal army were deceased. And few years back Maoist and the government of Nepal signed in a peace treaty and they are now in parliament. We must say, during Maoist insurgency, travellers would be threatened to pay extra charge to enter the particular trekking region but now all is over. There is no interruption, hindrance, threaten and insurgency at the moment. It is safe.

Nepal is safe for travellers in the sense that most of the popular trekking regions connect a good access of communication. If any unforeseen circumstances occur during the trekking in the mountain, there is an immediate connection and an immediate rescue too. The rescue helicopters are always stand- by for the mountain rescue. The establishment of local hospitals supplies the needs of health problems to the travellers.  The availability of star hotels let the travellers feel safe and luxury.

Is Nepal safe for travellers
Manaslu region

Nepal, now, has been declared as secular state. There is no religious and cultural violence so far. And also there is no such terrorist activities. Thus, even UK and the United States also recommend Nepal as a safe destination for travelling.

Is Nepal safe for travellers
Trekking  region

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