We believe “teamwork is always stronger but the team must be well equipped”. Magic Expedition and Tour comprises of highly experienced and committed team without which successful operation of a tour, trekking and adventure is incomplete. The praiseworthy teamwork has always kept Magic Expedition and Tour a distinctive.

Kaji Babu Shrestha


Originally from Gorkha where Manasalu region trekking is located, Mr. Kaji Babu Shrestha entered into tourism since 2006 as a trekking leader. He is the founder and president of Magic Expedition and Tour. His passion to serve the tourist turned him into a successful tourism entrepreneur within few years. Indeed, he was passionate to serve the tourists in an innovative way and also to discover new trekking routes in Nepal.

He values each trip and each individual tourist equally. He owns more than 12 years of work experience in tourism sphere. He not only focuses on operating tour, trekking and adventure but also emphasizes on social development through tourism. His social service to the remote areas of Nepal is extraordinary.

Dipen Khadgi

Managing Director

Mr Dipen Khadgi is well recognized as hard-working and a committed member of the team of Magic Expedition and Tour. He is Managing Director of Magic Expedition and Tour. Originally from Kthmandu valley, he found tourism as his profession in 2009. He has tremendous experience in managing every kind of trip in Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet. He commenced his career in tourism as a tour guide and soon he found himself as a successful Managing Director. There are no any complaints about his management.

Academically, he has accomplished his Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel Management and Tourism. He knows every trekking, tour and adventure trip very well. Besides, he is very well known to Nepali age-long culture and civilization.

Raju Shrestha

Executive Director

Permanent resident of Gorkha district, Mr. Raju Shrestha is a keen and enthusiastic member of Magic Expedition and Tour. He has successfully been dealing his duties and responsibilities as the Executive Director. He is very hospitable and friendly and found ever smiling which impresses every traveler who connects to him.

He entered into tourism as a porter initially. Gradually, he was promoted to Executive Director of this company. There is no any trekking trail in Nepal where he has not been. He possesses more than 10 years of work experience in tourism.

So far, he has visited several countries which have helped his hugely to work out according to the interest of tourists from the globe.

Our Team

Angita Shrestha


Permanent resident of Kathmandu, Angita Shrestha has been handling all financial affairs of Magic Expedition and Tour since its establishment. She is friendly, helpful and sociable to all. Interestingly, she also has a passion to see stunning mountain views. She sometimes goes outdoors in trekking trails and sees pleasant peaks.

Dilip Karki

Trekking Leader

Dilip Karki is a permanent resident of Kathmandu valley however he is passionate to trek the mountain with groups. He is a well-trained trekking leader from NATHM to Magic Expedition and Tour. He owns more than 12 years of work experience. His expertise in leadership and hospitality is awesome and impresses everyone. He loves to take the trekkers to Everest Region, Langtang region, and Dolpo Region mostly.

Besides, he also has been to Tibet and Bhutan several times.

Dhana Lama

Trekking Leader

Dhana Lama began his work as a porter initially 5 years back. Now he is successful trekking leader to Magic Expedition. He has been contributing to Magic Expedition and Tour for over 8 years. He is well known to trekking trails in Nepal and mountain peaks as well. He loves to be on the mountain with a group. He is permanently from Kavre. He speaks English fluently. His special trekking regions are Annapurna, Everest, Manasalu, and Dolpo. He is also well known to floras and faunas in different trekking trails. He is a well-trained trekking leader.

Saugat Gurung

Trekking Leader

Saugat Gurung is a permanent resident of Gorkha District. After completion of his basic schooling, he entered Kathmandu valley. Due to his keen passion to serve the tourist being a guide, began to work as a porter. He soon impressed the other leaders and the tourists with his sense of humor and hospitality. Now, he has been working in Magic Expedition and Tour for over 7 years. Everest Region, Makalu Region, Langtang Region and Upper Mustang Region are his special trekking regions in Nepal.

Raj Kumar Shrestha

Airport Representative

Raj Kumar Shrestha has been catering his best class service as Airport Representative to Magic Expedition for over 6 years. He welcomes the guests at the airport and transfers to the hotel in a convenient way. He is originally from Gorkha.

Bhim Gurung

Reservation Officer

Permanently from Gorkha, Mr, Bhim Gurung has been handling all reservations required to Magic Expedition and Tour. His prompt and reliable reservations including ticketing, accommodation, transportation and all sorts of reservations to guarantee a world class service are praiseworthy. He is energetic and polite.

Academically, he has completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Travel and Tourism. He would be astonished when he way tourist in his remote area in Gorkha in his childhood which turned him now as a Reservation Officer to Magic Expedition and Tour.

Sonika Shrestha

Representative in the USA

Sonika Shrestha is originally from Gorkha and she is in the USA as a representative to Magic Expedition and Tour. She is there for her further study and promotion of Nepal tourism simultaneously. She is keen to bolster tourism possibilities connecting the people across the world.