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Community Homestay  getting astoundingly popularity among the travelers these days. There is a huge demand of Homestay tour in different rural ethnic communities of Nepal. Community Homestay Tour is always spectacular to know one’s culture, life style and civilization. Staying with local family members and sharing the same kitchen will absolutely be a different flavor of travel. Most of the homestay tours are designed to offer both cultural and natural splendor of particular rural locality. Homestay tours also offer us the experience of adventure and stunning mountain views.

Where is this Community Homestay tour based on?

This Community homestay tour is  based in mountainous area in  Gorkha district. Gorkha district is always a step ahead in the history of Nepal. The unification of present Nepal was commenced from Gorkha by King Prithvi Narayan Shah. Gorkha palace or Gorkha Durbar is very popular among the tourists with its archaeological and historical significance. Gorkha Durbar is located at the top of the hill it is itself a vantage point for the breathtaking view of the mountain including many different community home stay in Manasalu and entire Annapurna range.

community homestay

Community Homestay means visitors staying with a local family at an affordable price which directly helps to uplift the livelihood of local people and simultaneously the tourists can exchange their culture with the local people. Our focus is in a remote village of Gorkha district, Phujel V.D. C. where we aim at making the people aware of family planning to maintain their quality of life. At the same time, volunteers can teach at the local schools to impart the knowledge about family planning, sanitation, maintaining the quality of life and the like. We also organise volunteer  community health  camps like awareness about personal hygiene and cleanliness, awareness programs on Pregnancy and delivery, dental health camps with local community home stay.

Community Homestay Tour doesn’t mean that there is no good facility of accommodation and food and other required equipments. We provide pure drinking water, organic local dishes, electricity, shower, First Aid and so on. It means, we ensure  and safety during the stay. The local people offer local 0rganic vegetables and seasonal fruits to the tourists.

Community  Homestay tour in Gorkha not only is a homestay and volunteering tour but also offers an opportunity to witness breath-taking Mountain View. This tour commences after a scenic drive of 6-7 hours from Kathmandu to a historical place, Gorkha and you have to drive more 3-4 hours to get Phujel V.D.C.

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